3D Maps and Measurements

Ever seen a 3D map of a building?

Yes - Brilliant check out our example below!

No - Brilliant check out our example below!

You get the idea either way you need to check it out!

I've been trialing 3D and 2D modeling over the last couple of months and I am happy to say it is now available!

3D Model example (click 3D model to explore)

So why use it?

1. 3D models are pleasing to look at. You can virtually place yourself anywhere on it.

2. Easy to explain what part of the building a photo is from and allows your client to visualise any issues with a section of the building better.

3. Take accurate measurements of the surface areas of each section of the roof allowing you to calculate costs accurately if repairing or replacing.

4. Identify roof section types such as flashing, eaves, ridges.

5. Helps visualise space better

6. Downloadable files to use in architect and civil engineering software.

7. Allows potential buyers of property a more accurate representation of the outside of the property and what they ar purchasing.

2D models work well inline with the 3D models and can be superimposed onto google maps giving a you a hi-res google map like the below example of this recent 2D map we carried out for a client

Low Res Example 2D Map

To discuss further what VTOL Productions can offer you company in terms of 3D modeling and 2D modeling or for a free demonstrations pleas get in contact via the Contact page

Email:info@vtolproductions.co.uk or Tel:07538777271.

Thanks Matt

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