That question I keep getting asked...

Yes is the answer.

Whats the question i hear some say?

Well that question is do you do other types of photography and videography other than aerial?

I started an aerial photography and videography company because i love things that fly and i also love photography. I had been taking photos as an amateur for around 5 years, some good and some bad.

Photography is an art and it takes time to understand how to do many things within the field. I got to a point where i wanted to take the next steps and start a photography company but with such a saturated photography market I thought it maybe a struggle.

By chance I can fly aircraft. This was handy as it meant i was able to skip the majority of the CAA course to be able to fly drone commercially. This is an area i found most photographers lacked in their photography equipment and i was soon thinking 'this is my break into photography'. So i started VTOL Productions. Its been going well. It is a part time business i do around my full time job. Yes i would love to be a photographer full time but to make that come true I've got to expand!

Matt wheres this going...?

Well its going to the first point i do other photography. I just have never promoted that area. I needed income to be able to expand my gear and the aerial side has helped me do that. I would love to upgrade my equipment and now that the aerial photography jobs are coming in its time to do that. I still have plenty of downtime when not full time working and doing the aerial photography on the side. When that happens i like to be out shooting with the camera to better my skills.

I thought you wanted to be a pilot?

YES.. I always have wanted to be a pilot. I still do, but that is an expensive game and is still then end game. But why put your eggs into one basket? If you have passion for something you'll go do it. I have passion for flying and i have passion for photography and is why i intertwined them. I am not going to lie as my portfolio increases so does my coin purse, as my coin purse increases, so does my equipment and then it goes back to the start my portfolio increases.

A new portfolio website will be launching soon which will be Matt Anderson Photography. This site will be separate from VTOL Productions and will showcase photos from a ground level. Ill let you know once i am live.

Matt Anderson Photography Taking off soon.

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