State of the Art

Surveying and Mapping


Drones are excellent for surveys, saving time, money and increasing safety of members on site. We can even do the survey remotely and you can watch and direct from your office! 


Our drone provides images and video for surveys. This can be used to provide a detailed report. Every structure surveyed includes a property overview, as well as close up shots of the building.


These reports can be used by you to analyse  the structure and share findings with your customers.


They can be used for a variety of reasons including quantity surveying, land drainage, inspect general building conditions and to asses land for building plans..

If  more detail is required we can create PDF reports, 3D models, and DXF files. Our cutting-edge computer vision algorithms generate dimensional accurate 3D models.Roof reports provide square footage, roof features, pitch, surface area, meaurements and slope. All measurements are 99.4% accurate.